Friday, December 29, 2017

December 2017--paving, bridge and fencing


 We had been given 4000 paving bricks, 
 BCA kindly paid for them to be delivered 
and for the sand.

Shepherd and Wilson began laying
 the bricks

Doesn't the paving look nice?


At Bottom dam someone enjoyed ripping the bench
out the cement and throwing it down the bank

Wilson and Shepherd re-seated it in lots of cement!

At top dam

 The indigenous blue flowering plants got washed 
up onto the weir and blocked the water

The workers cleared it in a morning


 Project new bridge....

Wilson had seen this big pipe in the veld
near the Environmental Centre

It took muscle power to get it up the hill

The two small pipes came out --
 rubbish was getting stuck in them

The big one was lowered in...

... and cement walling was put on top

Heavy stones were placed  at the sides, so no 
big vehicles can get through and damage the bridge

Heave Ho  -- Shepherd!

The bridge has worked well despite the last two storms


At the small parking opposite the playground...

City Parks had given us the poles to do corral fencing ....
but we had to cut them and drill the holes.
 Peter Hammond supervised this.

Shepherd getting the single poles out and digging new holes

That looks so much neater and 
no one can drive into the park now!

 Finally -- 
the Agapanthus at the entrance to Rd No 3 are stunning


Saturday, July 29, 2017

August 2017 Paving,and maintainance

AUGUST  2017

Below the Environmental Centre

We 'caged' in the new flower bed  that used to be
 the pond, as the plants were being trodden on




 At the top parking---
We hired a truck and loaded the excess paving bricks

 And took them down to the
 Environmental Centre parking area

Shepherd and Wilson breaking ground

And the paving began....



The concrete edge was being broken by cars
spinning their wheels on it, so we have repaired it
with tar to see it that is better.



With the water restrictions being partially lifted,
City Parks has filled the pond and  it is
circulating into the water feature.

– the paving is finished – for now...

 The ancient rocks in the park behind the playground


Friday, May 19, 2017

May 2017

May 2017

 Work in the Park and photos of the Delta's early days 


Road No 3

The aloe bed is settling down and a
 few have already flowered

The agapanthus put on a good show of blue and white


At top parking the old rusty fence was removed

And a nice new wooden one went up

The other side of the 'road' was also done


Cosmos, cosmos

And more beautiful cosmos


Hyacinth coming out the Florence Bloom dam

Just to prove I work as well


The wooden bridge behind the playground 
collapsed after a storm washed away
 the supporting wall

Peter Hammond, Shepherd, Kenneth 
and Arkim raising the bridge

 The 4 meter supporting poles are is and braced

All finished - secure and safe again

Kenneth  and  Arkim
So sad that a week later  Arkim had died!


The opening of the Delta Sewage works  1934

Road No 3 that went to the big white building--
very few trees just rolling grasslands.

1974 - The renovation of the building began -
for the future Environmental Centre.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 February -- paving

December  2016

The Standard drive/ Pitcairn Rd parking 
was eroded, rocky and the underneath of cars
was being scraped.

Blairgowrie Primary School offered me
a huge amount of interlocking paving bricks
A very kind contractor offered to donate
half of the costs and to organise the
laying of the paving .
The sub contractor came in and work began.

Donations came in from BCA, CRA and all the users of the park

one man's rubbish is another man's treasure
The bricks were loaded

 and brought across the road to the parking
area - what a huge pile!

The team started digging and levelling the ground

The paving bricks went down so quickly

 and before Christmas it was done .
What a wonderful way to end the year!
 Thank you to everyone involved


January 2017

John Barrow offered me the use of a TLB to clear and
level the other part of the parking area.

The TLB arrived

In a few hours it was all done.

Top Dam

This huge poplar tree split down the centre and damaged  a
few walls and electric fences of  houses on the park's perimeter
City Park  cleared those branches and
Parkrun cut a path through the branches.

 We still have to have the tree cut up and removed-- another big job

 That's all folks --