Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012: Dams full; repairs to the fencing


September 2012 we had 77mm as our first rain.

 The dam below the school filled up----
(the rubbish was removed the next day) and overflowed into the second dam

And further into the poplar forest -- a nice wetland!

Looking from the other side.

Fence repairs

One Saturday a car drove straight through the palisade fence

So Patrick's Gates offered to come and fix it
Last bit of welding

A little buckled but all fixed
Then it was the gate's turn.
The runners were cleaned and the ground deepened so now it can be closed again

The Railing

The next job was to fix the sad looking railing
A 4x4 had driven over it, to get into the park!

Holes were dug
The cement was mixed 
And reconstruction work began 
Without being asked, all the car guards came and helped!

Metal pipes were inserted into the broken ones and cemented in place.

  I don't think anyone will be able to drive over it now

Much better!!
Many thanks to all who helped and came to talk to us.

Below the top dam wall the metal cover
for this sewage or storm water drain was stolen

                                       Just a tempory covering,
                              but at least nothing can fall into the hole.