Saturday, December 26, 2015



Road No 3,  fencing, cutting, burning, 
gate, poles and new  dustbins and other things.

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure!

Elizabeth and Shepherd took all the
 broken paving from the entrance to Road No 3 
and laid them neatly by the pond


Back at the entrance to Rd No 3

Elizabeth and Shepherd dug over a small bed between 
the palisade and the new paving and planted wild iris


Poles in transit for Road No 3 entrance

The corner next to the paving is now fenced, 
We used existing poles but needed to buy more.


Tidied up the existing garden  on the 
other side of the road and  put poles around it

Close to top dam

Tracy used her chainsaw to cut all the
 long fronds of the palm tree
-- as it was  being used as a toilet

and tidied up other trees

The next day  a helper and I burnt all the fronds

And four hours later all that was left.was ash
 which was put into a hole - all gone and tidy.

We then moved to below the Enviro Center where  we piled 
all the dry bamboo onto the rocks and burnt that as well


At the Environmental Center area....

BCA sponsored the new swing gate we made
 to replace the chain.
 and we made a gap in the fence for the cyclists

We put in five poles to stop cars 
driving up onto the grass
CAP has a key to the boom


Dustbins- financed by BCA and 
work by Delta Park Users Group

Peter went and collected the eight drums.

The first four completed ready to be installed

Ready for use --
 Thank you BCA  for financing them and 
   Peter for organizing the making of the frames


At the Enviro parking area:
Geoff asked if we could put a row of poles  below the container
 to stop people parking on the bank

He also asked it we could put a row of poles from the curve in the 
 road to the centre across to the inside of Leighton Drive. 
We have put a chain across until the gate is made.

 And that is all for 2015!

January 2016 

 We started the year with a couple of repairs

The concrete edging at Road No 3 had crumbled away

Peter and Shepherd working


 Shepherd repairing the pothole in the road - same entrance



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 - paving and other projects


Michael Labuschagne and Coleen Skjoldhammer from M.L Property
 have very generously had the entrance to Road No 3 paved. 
and what a fantastic difference it has made to this area. 
Thank you very much for your involvement in Delta Park,
 it is greatly appreciated.

What the entrance looked like before:
We had intended to move the big aloes but 
they were stolen the day before we started  

 the messy broken paving  had to be cleared   

Cleared and ready for the contractor

A lovely neat entrance to the park,
 what a difference.!


At the front of the Environmental Center:
 the old fountain hadn't worked for many a year 
 and the pipes had rotted away

It is going to become a wild grass garden

Top soil was collected from  Bronwyn Lewis
 she was removing soil from her garden --
 perfect for our needs

Our guys off loading - all heavy work

It took more than 20 bakkie loads to fill it. 
Now we wait for the rains and  will plant
imparato cotton wool grass


The fencing at the Standard Drive parking 
was flattened when a car accidentally ran over it.
Peter says he will have it repaired.


That's all for now

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 2015 Bamboo, Standard drive parking area

March  -- 2015


Access for Police and Security Vehicles

Peter with paint and roller

That is nice and clear -
and it is working--
thank you everyone.

The new garden bed  looks very smart!

The new drainage into the park---
 with the last storm that worked very well


 A lone figure shrouded in the bamboo

Man power

Women power  

Even children power
 see how the bamboo is disappearing.

The power of the chain saw 

   The huge pile of bamboo waiting to be removed  

And when the bamboo had gone 
this is what was exposed dangerously close to the playground---
it now is fenced off and safe

Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary Dam

Will the dam ever be totally rid of hyacinth?
There it is lurking on the edges

Wilson bringing in a load of weed

All clear by the bird hide

And clear  on the one side of the dam- 
just as it started to rain!

 One weeks haul!

Our Beautiful Park

What could be prettier than a field of cosmos?

Allen and I dwarfed by the cosmos