Saturday, September 19, 2020

Drains, Drains and a small retaining wall

 Environmental Centre -- September 2020

 The stormwater drains had been blocked for about 20 years, so when it rained, the whole area became a muddy pool 

We started by removing a jutting out piece of the island, 
so the rainwater could run around and into the drain 

Paved and cemented- more kerbstones 
along the flower bed.

Starting on drain Nr. One

Now for the clearing of the drains,
 Lid up, and the pressure water machine.

Wilson got the hose through in one day-- 
water came out twenty metres away  
 success-- so far!

Mmmm -- having cleared the bottom drain -- 
here was another ??

With Number One done we went to the far end to start 
 Enter and Dansley looking for the manhole, which was well buried!

 It took a while to remove all the built-up sand.  
I was amazed at how good the brickwork was  eighty years 
after it was done and the metal rungs still firm in the wall 

We did the same with Drain Number Two

Now all the drains were all linked up and 
water flowing between them


The next step was to build a retaining wall to prevent the sand from washing back down into the drains

 Levelled and the foundation down

The wall is done!

A builder suggested we strengthen the wall by
 adding two more rows of bricks at the base --
 all done! The small area is paved

We noticed a depression at the end of the wall, so investigated. Buried under forty cms of sand, was the main water tap for the outside bathrooms.  Cleared and bricked now -- a piece of walling will go on top to keep it clean and for easy access.

Enjoy the park!