Thursday, December 11, 2014

November/December 2014 TLB and lots of work in the park


A very kind contractor organised a
TLB to come and remove alien trees
from around the dams

Black Wattle and Privet --out you go!

Even the big roots were removed

A lot of Privet was growing next to the river

Paul came to lend a hand with identifying alien trees

At top dam a big branch had fallen and was
 balancing precariously on another small branch

The TLB made short work of it
 and had it removed in 15 minutes!

Then into the forest below the parking area.
A lot of Wattle needed removing.

The dexterity of the "hand" of the machine

Two huge Wattle trees on the edge of the forest 
came crashing down..

Our next place to clear was at the entrance to Road No 3
 where a huge gum tree fell down a while ago.
First chunk to be moved

This one was too heavy to be picked up -- so was pushed.

And the last one .
 Now they are all in a heap like a "rockery" of wood.

In the same area this pipe was being moved ......

To protect this sewerage drain from being driven over again
(Walling will be  put over the drain soon)


The same kind contractor offered to do some paving
 at the Standard Drive parking area.

This is what it looked like

First the edge was straightened

Then the guttering was installed. 
 Soil was put down, compacted and the
 bricks were laid.
Nearly done!



Shepherd moved walling which had been
 donated, - to the back of the playground

And this is where it was needed

That looks safer and better!

Near the Spruit a sewerage drain- cover had been stolen,
 so more donated walling has secured it

The last of the donated walling was used to repair 
the little "bridge" at top dam had been damaged. 
 Bobby and Shepherd at work. 

All done!

Another little job on top dam ....
 The bamboo was cut down 

Anyone want bamboo for stakes  Help yourself! 


A bigger project - bottom dam was leaking- again-- 
I think this wall is like Swiss cheese!

Peter and Volcar made a coffer dam.

They found and cleared out the hole.


Five packets of premix cement --
 think that should do the trick! 

The water fowl kept coming over to investigate 
or were they the foremen?


At the end of  Dalmany Drive...

Gert, whose house is next to this area changed the
 muddy eroded path into a smart walkway


Close to Bantam Drive new alien grass was growing 
Tall and tough it was spreading rapidly 
so the guys took it out, roots and all.


The latest dumping complete with a
concrete drain cover


Alan and Shepherd tackling the hyacinth in top dam

The wayward boat floated away so Alan
had to swim and bring it back


Our sad little bridge in the lane,
smashed by a big truck-
  but it will be repaired


Summer flowers in the  grasslands

Tiny pea- type flowers -- can anyone identify them?

The "secret " part of the park--
 the camellias in bloom.

And the last photo -- the 
'yesterday, today and tomorrow' in bloom

That's All Folks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Sept. black wattle, bridge, benches

September 2014

Our park looked so pretty this winter

I had a group of boys from St Sithians who 
wanted to do their community hours, 
so we started pulling out Black Wattle saplings 
below the school

Working for their Presidents award......

The boys cut down trees .....

Another group of enthusiastic workers


Well done guys!

Arum lilies in the little river between the dams

Bird Sanctuary dam --- Reeds and baby hyacinth coming out

Family of Egyptian geese out walking 

One of the six new benches donated by BCA

Bella doesn’t breathe very well but still goes for a walk

In order to earn his Springbok Scout badge, James Goodhead designed 
and built this bridge with the help of the 1st Blairgowrie Scout Pack