Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 8th 2011 Hyacinth top dam and draining the lane below the school

 At the beginning of March we noticed hyacinth  flourishing at the inlet of the top dam. It had to come out!!


The boat bringing in a load while the weed is thrown onto plastic sheeting

Alan's big fork worked well

Lunchtime and it is looking much better

Hurrah! All gone!!

And that is what we took out!!

Peter at work. In the lane, a trench on the left was dug revealing five springs
Under the walling is a 6m x10cm pipe draining the water to the other side.

A second pipe was put in further down the lane where there were a couple more springs

It should dry out now and hopefully we can walk through with dry feet!

20th February 2011 Draining the quagmired lane below the school.

Work was needed on the lane below the school. As we had more rain so the lane became muddier. We dug channels and they started draining well. There are 4 natural springs , this one was running like a fully opened tap.

 More channels  busy draining the area

The "path" below the school! The bridge has been temporarily disassembled to dig a ditch underneath it.

The channel flowing well under the "bridge"