Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Bottom dam - plugging dam wall and making dry walkway

November 2012  Work on bottom dam.

Peter at work
We battled to work on the leaking wall as the water was too high. Eventually the leak and no rain dropped the level, so work began. -- a coffer dam was made to access the area...

The hole was plugged and more cement plastered on.
so we hope this will work now.

The next day the dam was full and overflowing.


Time to turn to the inlet of the dam which was a muddy path.
A trench was dug and two long pipes inserted

The pipes immediatley started draining the water from
 the natural springs into the dam.           
Rounds of wood were put on top to protect the pipes

Earth and grass were piled over the pipes

Voila -- a new and dry path ( no cyclists please)