Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 2015 Bamboo, Standard drive parking area

March  -- 2015


Access for Police and Security Vehicles

Peter with paint and roller

That is nice and clear -
and it is working--
thank you everyone.

The new garden bed  looks very smart!

The new drainage into the park---
 with the last storm that worked very well


 A lone figure shrouded in the bamboo

Man power

Women power  

Even children power
 see how the bamboo is disappearing.

The power of the chain saw 

   The huge pile of bamboo waiting to be removed  

And when the bamboo had gone 
this is what was exposed dangerously close to the playground---
it now is fenced off and safe

Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary Dam

Will the dam ever be totally rid of hyacinth?
There it is lurking on the edges

Wilson bringing in a load of weed

All clear by the bird hide

And clear  on the one side of the dam- 
just as it started to rain!

 One weeks haul!

Our Beautiful Park

What could be prettier than a field of cosmos?

Allen and I dwarfed by the cosmos