Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Sept. black wattle, bridge, benches

September 2014

Our park looked so pretty this winter

I had a group of boys from St Sithians who 
wanted to do their community hours, 
so we started pulling out Black Wattle saplings 
below the school

Working for their Presidents award......

The boys cut down trees .....

Another group of enthusiastic workers


Well done guys!

Arum lilies in the little river between the dams

Bird Sanctuary dam --- Reeds and baby hyacinth coming out

Family of Egyptian geese out walking 

One of the six new benches donated by BCA

Bella doesn’t breathe very well but still goes for a walk

In order to earn his Springbok Scout badge, James Goodhead designed 
and built this bridge with the help of the 1st Blairgowrie Scout Pack