Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 - paving and other projects


Michael Labuschagne and Coleen Skjoldhammer from M.L Property
 have very generously had the entrance to Road No 3 paved. 
and what a fantastic difference it has made to this area. 
Thank you very much for your involvement in Delta Park,
 it is greatly appreciated.

What the entrance looked like before:
We had intended to move the big aloes but 
they were stolen the day before we started  

 the messy broken paving  had to be cleared   

Cleared and ready for the contractor

A lovely neat entrance to the park,
 what a difference.!


At the front of the Environmental Center:
 the old fountain hadn't worked for many a year 
 and the pipes had rotted away

It is going to become a wild grass garden

Top soil was collected from  Bronwyn Lewis
 she was removing soil from her garden --
 perfect for our needs

Our guys off loading - all heavy work

It took more than 20 bakkie loads to fill it. 
Now we wait for the rains and  will plant
imparato cotton wool grass


The fencing at the Standard Drive parking 
was flattened when a car accidentally ran over it.
Peter says he will have it repaired.


That's all for now