Monday, November 28, 2016

November 2016 - TLB, wooden fencing

In October

John Barrow gave me the use of a TLB
for two days and this is what we did

On the school embankment the TLB
moved all the rubble that had been dumped

Some pieces were really big and heavy

Smiley the driver carefully put each piece in place
so hopefully this will control the erosion

The bramble patch was next,  it needed to be removed

Behind the playground where we had previously
cut down the bamboo and poplar saplings.
 The TLB ripped the roots out and flattened the area

The inlet of the middle dam was clogged  with papyrus
so that was cleared

And the water is running freely again

At bottom dam some reeds were removed from
the dam wall to prevent the water stagnating

 The family of Black Ducks at top dam


The metal railings at the top parking were
  old and rusty

So - when City Parks put this wooden fencing in the
wrong place,I asked if we could have it and they agreed.

Big improvement!

 We hoped there would be enough to do the other side
So out with the old

And in with the new!
  Next year we hope that City Parks will give us more poles
so we can do the rest of the parking.


Just to prove  I get down and dirty - 
 my load of hyacinth coming in

 That's all for now folks.


  1. Fantastic job! Keep it up.
    Gerry Pieterse 128 7th St Linden

  2. Fantastic work. I can't seem to see contact info should we want to help you?
    Vivienne Gordon-Turner, Parkview