Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012: Top dam and blackjacks


We kept seeing the odd hyacinth plant floating near the dam wall,
so we investigated

I went into the papyrus with the canoe and found a huge amount of
hyacinth, so I started pulling it out and loading it into the canoe

Elizabeth then pulled me back with the attached rope;
the weed was unloaded and dragged up onto the bank.

Another day at top dam we roped an indigenous water plant that was
blocking the spillway and managed to pull it up and secure it to a tree

Once again the blackjacks in the lane had grown --

But the brush-cutter soon had them under control!

Whilst we had the brushcutter, we went to the corner of Eileen/Standard Drive and cut the tall grass which was  obscuring the motorists' view   

  All done!


The pipes in the lane are working well, the water from them filling the new dam and the lane continues to stay dry

That's all for now, enjoy the park!

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