Sunday, January 30, 2011

(4) November 2010 Bridges in Delta Park

During the year, with the heavy rains we experienced, there were a few places in the Park that were so wet we really couldn't walk and have dry feet and  dogs. The three areas were  --- at the top dam coming off the wall by the overflow: the river got deep and muddy; below the school in the lane - a stream or spring ran continually and  at the bottom of Bantam drive, just past the pedestrian gate it became a soggy swamp.
I wondered how these could be "bridged". One day driving down Standard Drive I noticed a cement wall being taken down and all the panels were just lying there. I asked the owner if we could have some and he said "help yourself!" Johnathan offered his truck and we collected and delivered what seemed to be the right amount to each place. Two workmen who helped clear the dam were happy to work again and a few days later we had the bridges done. However, my engeneering skills did not allow for a six hour cycle race over the bridges and there were many cracked and broken panels. A passing gentleman explained the panels were actually not very strong and instead of two support beams I needed five. A lady in ??? drive also offered panels so with Elizabeth's bakkie and my Golf we collect more heavy supports and started again. This time it has worked much better. A few have cracked,one panel has broken but we can walk there with dry feet and dogs. Now the rains have started in earnest we will see how successful they are.


Below are six photos of the bridges and walkways.

Making the bridge at top dam

Five supports should be better. 

Bridge at top dam finished.

The "foundations" for the walkway in the lane below the school

The walkway ready for use. Hard to remember this area was water and mud last year

The beginning of the long walkway across the marshy area going down towards the river

All ready for the rains!!

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