Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 JULY - Repairing Scout Lane

In June 2013 the lane project got under way.

Tom Harrison  wanted to repair the eroded lane between the Bird Sanctuary and the Scout area.
He contacted Peter Hammond and I, to discuss it.

Tom had access to waste gunnite 'droppings' - the ideal material.

The first task was to level the lane.
Many wheelbarrows of soil were brought up from a dumped heap 300 meters away  --very  heavy work!!

The cycle clubs advised us how to put barrier poles in to slow the cyclists down. Peter and Shepherd dug the holes and placed them.

The first delivery of gunnite 'droppings '

Volcar mixing cement into the "droppings"

The first layers down and our warning sign

Daily the new path progressed 

Well done Tom and Peter  --  the finished lane


  1. Interesting to see tom and peter standing at their private tollgate?
    It looks like the Maffia(Check the dark glasses) having the upper hand here.
    Well done!

  2. THanks very much for levelling such a badly eroded path.
    Not only that but for keeping the wonders of Delta maintained and safe for all of us to enjoy.

    Now ALL you users, please do your bit and dont litter in any form. (Rubbish or dog pooh!)